Michele C. Wayland - We are all creators...if you can dream it, it can be!
Creations For Sale

"Entwined Pines" is a larger painting in a unique, weathered frame that really adds to the overall effect of the piece. Total dimensions are 37" wide by 47" tall (includes frame). One of a kind -  $1200.00

Mini-reverse paintings - unique, original and affordable!

 ^ Luna Moth (5.5" x 5.5").......$55
 <  Curious Buck (5.5" x 8.5").............$70

       v The Relic Aspen (8" x 10") ......$90


 V Orange Crow (8" x 8")........................$85
 Lower Rt: Sunburst Sunset (6" x 8").....$70

 This is a bit of a departure for my usual style of painting and was  created in a moment of fluidity and experimentation from memory. I  titled this piece "Sun Dappled Valley" as it was inspired by a morning  drive through the San Luis Valley on my way to Alamosa for the  spay/neuter clinic I coordinated for CatsAlive! in September. The lush  greens and low-hanging clouds made a gorgeous interplay of light and  color.  This little gem is currently hanging in my own home...
 (12" x 36" + frame included,  $500.00)

Another painting for my "Cloud Series", this work was inspired by a late-night drive over Ute Trail, coming home from Salida.  The title is "Mystic Moon" and uses acrylic paints on a 12" x 18" commercially primed canvas. The lovely vintage frame is included and really adds to the piece. ($750, framed)

"The Fire Within" is another part of the sereies depicting cloud  formations seen in Colorado, this from my own back yard. This is a very  large painting; 24" x 36" in acrylic paints on a panel. The glow of fading  sunlight seems to grow and boil from deep within this billowing  formation, almost bursting with heat. Many have admired this painting  but could not see space for it in their homes but I just couldn't "see it"  smaller than it is for the expansion it suggested to me... ($1,000, framed)

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