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About The Artist

 Michele has always had a passion   for art and love for animals -   especially horses. She grew up in   Florida and began showing artistic   ability at an early age which was   encouraged by her creative mother   and artistic grandmother.   Achieving a Bachelor of Arts   degree  from the University of   South  Florida in 1989, she used her   creativity in a variety of jobs from   sign design and painting, set and prop design, to theme and corporate   party planning and decorating. She relocated to the central mountains   of Colorado in 1996 where she lived on a ranch, mending fences and   training Missouri Fox Trotting Horses for several years before moving   to Hartsel, Colorado with her husband, Erik. 

  Michele resigned from a 10 year 'career' in animal welfare in May of   2013 to rededicate herself to her creative passions. She is a member of   the Chaffee County Council for the Arts, works at Gone To The Dogs in   Buena Vista, applying her creativity to pet grooming which has lead to   recognition as a talented pet portrait artist locally and beyond. She is   also the President/Treasurer of a non-profit called CatsAlive!slv,   focused  on providing affordable spay/neuter services to the San Luis   Valley of Colorado. Michele currently resides with her husband, two   cats and a small flock of chickens in an off-grid home among the rolling   hills of south Park County.

"I am drawn to the eyes which are known as 'the windows to the soul' and sometimes I will paint the eyes first and let them guide the rest of the painting. Painting pets also allows me to explore depicting a myriad of colors and form in the textures of their fur."


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