Michele C. Wayland - We are all creators...if you can dream it, it can be!
Newest Creations:

Above is one of my newest and new favorite pet portraits. "Skipper" is painted from a photo I took with my own cell phone at the client's home. I was pleasantly surprised by all the different colors represented in a black and white dog! 

At left is a pet portrtait commissioned as a wedding gift. This image is a composite of two differrent photos because, let's face it, getting 2 pets to pose in one picture is like trying to get a couple of wiggly kids to sit still for a photo!

In May I travelled to a friend's home in Nevada to create this mural (below), including a banner (approximately 7' wide) over the arch in her kitchen. The saying (in German) translates to "Thirst is worse than homesickness". The scene is a beautiful church in Bavaria where she has visited many times. It was painted on a small wall space about 98" tall by 37" wide. The project was great fun and she is a special friend I look forward to visiting again.

Above is a picture of the work in progress. This project was painted on a plastered wall with acrylic paints and took approximately 24 hours to complete over 4 days. (between breaks to sip wine and go horseback riding :) to celebrate my 50th birthday)

WW II Honor Wall Project

InJune of 2016 I had the honor of re-lettering the signage and names on a World War II wall memorializing members of the Chaffee County community who served and died during this conflict.
Below is the completed project - truly a labor of love!

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