Michele C. Wayland - We are all creators...if you can dream it, it can be!

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Newest Creations:

This collection represents a foray back into "reverse painting." Each of these pieces is priced under $100 and includes the frame because the work is actually painted on the back of the glass (backwards!). 

At left is "The Relic Aspen" for $90 (10"h x 8"w)

Lower left is "Yellow Sunburst Sunset" for $65 (6"h x 8"w) 

Lower right is "Purple Mountain Sunset" for $48 (5" x 5")


Above is "Yellow Slice Sunset" for $85 (8"h x 10"w)
 At left is "Purple Crow" for $48 (5" x 5")

"As I’ve struggled to define exactly what kind of artist I am, I find that 
being creative – whether painting, bending wire or drawing and designing – connects me to the world around me and The Creator. 

The common thread that I think permeates nearly all of these endeavors 
is a desire to distill images into the essence of their spirit in a way that 
connects with others or evokes an emotion or experience of art. 

I think that creativity is essential to a life well lived, whether you have 
talent or simply an appreciation of art."

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