Michele C. Wayland - We are all creators...if you can dream it, it can be!

Welcome to my website!

Creativity is not reserved just for artists. I believe it exists in everyone and needs to be expressed to benefit everyone it touches. Just because you can't draw or paint (the way you might think you should), doesn't mean that the vision inside you must remain dormant and undiscovered. Let me help you express yourself! It will bring joy to us both and has the potential to make a difference in the world around us.

Newest Creations:

At right is my latest,  10" by 12" acrylic painting on panel, of "Odin". He is a Labradoodle that is a neighbor and a grooming client. Capturing the texture of his short, curly coat was a really fun challenge and I look forward to doing more of these.

Only $175 plus shipping/taxes

Here is another 8" by 8" painting. Just love the expression on this little guy! I provide a hanger on the back of these and the finished edge (in black) and thickness of the panel (1/2") make it a very nice piece to hang unframed. 

Only $125 plus shipping/taxes.

This was a fun little painting to do in an unframed (finished edge) 8" by 8" format. This size and style is available for just $125.

Original art IS affordable!

   Below is a painting done in a 16" by 20" format. Single subject on a     simple background is only $250 (plus shipping/taxes)

The two painting below are examples of a single subject on 
a complex background. Both are 10" by 12" in size and $225 each. 
Why not commission yours today!

Contact me today at the link/email below


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