Michele C. Wayland - We are all creators...if you can dream it, it can be!
Newest Creations: 

Pictured above: "To The Hills",11 1/2" by 23 1/2" acrylic on panel

More pet portraits...

Portraits for Sale to benefit Ark-Valley Humane Society in Buena Vista

These are 8" x 8" paintings of shelter pets available for adoption on 1/2" MDO; suitable to hang, no need to frame! Only $125 each and 10% of sales of these paintings will be donated to AVHS.

" Say Wha-a-a-t?"              "Purrfect Pal"                   "All Smiles"

A Foray Into Landscapes...
These are smaller paintings, inspired by my daily commute from Badger Creek Ranch and across Bassam Park. More to come soon...

Pictured Above: "Black Mountain Shadows" on MDO    $350.00

"Gold Bush w/Post"                 "Lush Green Bush"                   "Rock and a Hard Place"
All of these paintings are ready to hang, 8" x 8" on MDO   $175.00 each

          "Boiling Gold" on MDO  $400

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